Great Basin Forensics
Remote Forensics

A Submission is the primary method for uploading images to Remote Forensics. Once a Submission is created, the user has a simple but powerful set of tools at their disposal.

You can submit images two different ways -- one or more image files can be uploaded from the Submit File page, or if you have a Professional Account, images can be uploaded directly from an imaging device via the API.

A Submission may contain the following information:
  • Description
  • Location
  • Password (optional)
  • Group (credit card/currency/etc.)
An Image may contain the following information:
  • Type (front/back/etc.)
  • Lighting (white/UV/etc.)
  • DPI (M1000 only)
  • Device Type (M1000 only)
After a Submission has been created, you can View, Edit or Delete images. You can also:
  • View an Image Full Screen
  • Display, add and edit Notes
  • Compare images side by side from the same or different Submissions
  • Share Submissions with other users
If you have a Professional Account you can also:
  • Add Submissions to your Library
  • Share Library Submissions with other users
  • Download Images if the Submission is designated Downloadable
  • Create and manage Share Groups
  • Have additional Image storage